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 Welcome to the online home of E2M Environmental and Engineering Management LLC

For over 20 years E2M has provided strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely and cost conscious solutions for our clients.  This has resulted in increased profitability to our customers through reduced product implementation times while meeting their regulatory and other compliance obligations.

E2M professional engineering experts can assist in:

  • Reducing your environmental i.e. water, carbon, etc., footprint
  • Improving your quality, environmental, health and safety metrics
  • Providing environmental assurance through validation and/or verification of your environmental information (i.e. water, greenhouse gas, etc.) 
  • Pollution prevention
  • Energy conservation
  • Designing and implementation of continuous improvement programs
  • Instilling a behavior based safety workplace culture.

 E2M understands business:

E2M’s mission was designed to help our clients increase their profitability while enhancing their public image, and remaining competitive in the market place.

E2M can offer the following services:

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