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Evaluation, Implementation and Reporting for Regulatory Compliance Obligations

E2M and our associates have over 25 years each of experience in Environmental and Health & Safety Compliance pertaining to a diverse range of industries.  Depending on your resource needs, E2M is able to assist you in maintaining your compliance through the following methods:

  • Proactive evaluation of compliance at your facility
  • Developing and implementing the required permits (i.e. air, wastewater, stormwater, hazardous waste, drinking water, etc.) and operational controls for pollution prevention equipment
  • Develop and implement necessary Plans (i.e. SPCC, SWPPP, Contingency Plans)
  • Evaluate, develop and implement OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) plans
  • Preparation and submittal of required periodic environmental reports i.e. SARA Form R, Tier II, Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs), Air Emission Inventory, etc.
  • Development and implementation of Behavior Based Safety methodologies
  • Investigate and remediate issues related to soil and groundwater contamination i.e. Phase I and Phase II Assessments
  • Investigation, development and implementation of corrective action plans for identified noncompliance issues.

Why E2M?

In addition to our highly qualified and competent staff:

  • E2M prides itself in instilling a proactive approach to meeting your facility’s compliance needs. With this methodology you are preventing noncompliance issues rather than reacting to noncompliance issues.
  • E2M has over 13 years of experience in environmental and health & safety management systems, of which compliance is a critical process, E2M has assisted hundreds of organizations to become certified or maintaining their certification.
  • E2M’s professionals have regulatory knowledge from working with a variety of industries and therefore understand our customer’s requirements and expectations as it pertains to compliance.
  • E2M is fully insured: In addition to carrying higher than normal industry standards for General Liability (aggregate and per occurrence), E2M carries the necessary Pollution Liability Insurance to protect our client’s interest and provide them with that added level of assurance