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E2M Environmental and Engineering Management’s owner and Member, Mr. Mielke, has over 25 years of extensive engineering and management experience in the environmental field.

In early 1990, Mr. Mielke acquired a position managing the environmental aspects of a large Milwaukee based tannery.  During his tenure at the tannery he was named on a patent application for the design of chemical reactor to treat and recover chemicals for reuse from a waste stream.

From 1994 through early 2001, Mr. Mielke worked as an Environmental Consultant. He specialized in Environmental Assurance assessments, management of leaking underground storage tank (LUST) investigations and remediations, engineering design and project management. In April 2001, Mr. Mielke founded E2M Environmental and Engineering Management LLC where he continues to specialize in pollution prevention engineering design and implementation projects and training and implementation for water stewardship, environmental, energy, electronic waste, occupational health and safety and quality management systems. Mr. Mielke is currently a voting member of the US TAG/TC 207 for the development of the ISO 14001 series of standards for Environmental Management. Within the TAG he is the Interim Vice Chair and US Expert on the subcommittee for Greenhouse Gas Management and has been designated an US Expert on the subcommittee for Environmental Auditing.

E2M is registered Professional Engineering firm with the State of Wisconsin and Mr. Mielke is a registered Professional Engineer with the State of Wisconsin. He is also a certified Lead Auditor for ISO 14001, RC 14001, Responsible Recycling (R2) , ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and AWS Water Stewardship programs.    Mr. Mielke graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1989 where he earned a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering.