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Pollution Prevention

Engineering Design/Implementation/Operation of Pollution Prevention Systems

Integrity and forward thinking are cornerstone philosophies employed in providing innovative solutions for effectively managing the design and installation of various air, water and solid waste pre-treatment systems and chemical reactors.

E2M’s project experience includes:

  • Design, install and operation of a thermal oxidizer to remove noxious amino odors from an air stream,
  • Design, install and operation of a $1.5MM treatment system to remove sulfides from the wastewater
  • Patent application on the design of a reactor that converts sulfides to sodium sulfhydrate
  • Design and install equipment to increase production by 6% per year and achieve removal of high sulfide content waste stream from tannery effluent without affecting quality
  • Installation and operation of an oil and grease recovery system from a chromium wastewater treatment system
  • Design, installation and operation of various sized vapor extraction and air sparge treatment systems to remove petroleum contaminants soil and groundwater
  • Design, installation and operation of groundwater treatment systems to remove chlorinated and petroleum contaminants underground aquifer

Each of these projects included some if not all of the following facets:

  • Bench/laboratory scale testing
  • Pilot scale testing,
  • Process design
  • Construction management
  • Project startup
  • Operation and maintenance criteria development
  • Sampling regime development

With over 25 years of practical experience and a Professional Engineer on staff, E2M (a licensed Professional Engineering firm) has the competency and qualifications within several industry sectors to meet the customer needs to reduce their environmental footprint while meeting their compliance obligations and remaining financially competitive.